Francis Ford Coppola at the Beacon Theatre - April 28, 2019
Francis Ford Coppola at the Beacon Theatre - April 28, 2019
Apocalypse Now Sells Out with Francis Ford Coppola

(released 4/30/2019)

The APOCOLYPSE NOW 40th anniversary screening was the answer as many pedestrians of the neighborhood asked, "Who is everyone waiting to see?"

Sunday night, the Beacon Theatre was a mecca of filmmaker greats. For $175, an orchestra seat was available for one, only minutes before the arrival of film influencers entered the theatre. The marquee by show time blasted Broadway with the words SOLD OUT in red.

Tribeca Film Festival vehicles and black Lincolns heading west on 75th Street stopped between Amsterdam and Broadway long enough to open doors and escort the V.I.P.'s of the evening through the Beacon Theatre side door. Inside the door, a flash bulb session seemed to be taking place.  Actor Alec Baldwin was one of the more casual arrivals as he walked from Broadway to the stage side door to enter the anniversary gathering.

The evening arrivals included and some are pictured: Frances Ford Coppola, Robert Duvall, and Jane Rosenthal. Copolla stopped and generously engaged with fans, signed memorabilia, and entered to his film's celebration.

Frances Ford Coppola, who turned 80 earlier this month, appears to be like fine wine, getting better with age.

Robert Duvall entering the Beacon Theatre.

Francis Ford Coppola signing autographs for fans outside the Beacon Theatre.

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