Bushwich Film Festival Winners of 2016

(released 10/10/2016)

The Bushwick Film Festival 2016 winners, and for the first year at the festival the runners-up, were announced at the conclusion of the festival on October 2. The awards ceremony was held at the Syndicated Theater in Bushwick. The winners and runners-up were announced as follows:

Best Narrative Feature - I Am Gangster - directed by Moritz Rechenberg
Best Documentary - Arlette: Courage Is a Muscle - directed by Florian Hoffman
Best Short Film - Smoke That Travels - directed by Kayla Briet
Best Web Series - Undone - directed by Lili Lopez

Narrative Feature - You Can't Escape Lithuania - directed by Romas Zabaruskas
Documentary - The Giant's Dream: The Making of the Iron Giant - directed by Anthony Giacchino
Short Film - There's Too Many Of These Crows - directed by Morgan Miller
Web Series - No Strings Attached - directed by Emma Watts

Winners received 2,000 dollars in rentals from festival sponsor LightHouse Films, mentorship opportunities, and consideration for future funding with the Tribeca Film Institute. Next year will be the 10th annual Bushwick Film Festival.

View photos from the festival here: http://bushwickfilmfestival.com/photo/2016-bushwick-film-festival-photos/

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