Best of Youth Works from PRO-TV at DCTV

(released 1/12/2016)

If you are interested in seeing through the eyes of today's youth, the Downtown Community Television Center is screening some of the best youth film selections from their PRO-TV programs of 2015.  The films are all shorts and they are being exhibited as the "Best of PRO-TV 2015" on Thursday, January 14.  The doors open at 6:00pm and the show begins at 6:30pm.

Admission is free, but they are asking guests to RSVP to Jesse Perez Antigua at or call 646-484-4641.  Light refreshments will be served.  Donations are being accepted.

A little about the PRO-TV program and DCTV.
PRO-TV is a set of programs that teach youth the craft of filmmaking and media arts after school and on weekends.  Youth must apply to attend the workshops.

The DCTV was founded over 40 years ago and it provides low-cost rentals, editing equipment, the PRO-TV education programs, and has produced numerous documentaries.  DCTV is located at 87 Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan.  For more on the DCTV center, go to

Here are the films being screened:

Baby Face?
(Marcial Pilataxi | 8:29 min)?
The film is a day in the life of a 19 year old, Baby Face, who struggles to be accepted as an adult due to his young appearance.

(Soledad Aguilar-Colon, Kayla Anderson, Richard J. Ramos, Alicia Torres, Lena Williamson-Diaz | 9 min)?
Since January 2015, nearly 800 people in the US have been killed by aggressive policing. This film explores the movement that has developed in support of people of color who have been killed in police encounters, as well as the impact of youth and their use of social media in the movement's growth.

Cyber Bully?
(Isaac Avila, Gustavo Bahena, Khalifa Diao, Rex Grant, Naola Greaves, Richard Hood, Sam Van der Poel, Rachail Pomerlee, Alicia Torres | 1:42 min)?
Living in a digital age has both advantages and disadvantages. Today, young people are exposed to an overwhelming amount of media images and social networks. We have become more connected to the world, often leaving us vulnerable to personal attacks and exploitations.

Good Food: Is healthy eating a right or privilege??
(Sarah Ayende, Joelisa Cummings, Harry Flax, Imani Hallowell, Maia Liebeskind, Mariana Luna, Victoria Suyas, Charles Sanchez, and Blaise Tucker | 12:28 min)?
Healthy food is a necessity that not every citizen has access to. Good Food: Is healthy eating a right or privilege? explores how we can raise awareness about healthy food alternatives in our neighborhoods.

He, She?
(Maia Liebeskind, 3:05 min)?
He, She questions the importance of gender roles in American culture and how they affect the outcomes of people's individual lives through an experimental lens.

Looks Can Kill?
(Cindy Barroso, Courtney Blackburn, Arnett Brewer, Khadijah Burke, Crystal Dutan, Kimberlins Gomez, Anfernee Mathias, Danasia Mccoy, Fatima Prescott, Brendals Reyes, Kayla Rivera, Brandon Santiago, Andre Shew Atjon, Cheyenne Taitt, Moesha Vivas, Nasaree, Noshei Woodward | 4:29 min)?
After the police murder of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, teens look at how racial profiling impacts Black and Brown youth.

Out with Christ?
(Amelia Davis, Fatoumata Diallo, Arrianna Rae Arias, Tyleah Jefferson, Shawn Folkes | 9:30 min)?
Follow a young Queer student as she grapples with a conservative religious family and uncovers the discrimination and acceptance within Christianity. Out with Christ looks at how religion can be both a tool of healing and oppression for the LGBTQ community.

(Maya Armas, Zoe Chang, Jeremy Espinosa, Diamond Gerald, Richard Hood, Asha Ghany-Jean, Finn Martinez and Victoria Suyas | 2 min)?
An animated action movie trailer following a young boy in a apocalyptic world.

We Don't All Look Alike?
(Isaac Avila, Gustavo Bahena, Khalifa Diao, Rex Grant, Naola Greaves, Richard Hood, Sam Van der Poel, Rachail Pomerlee, Alicia Torres | 1:24 min)?
Men of color face endless discrimination at the hand of law enforcement. Frustrated by their circumstances, the students of the Junior Fellowship want to prove a direct point. We don't all look alike.

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