Paapa Essiedu (L) and Melissa McCarthy (R) in Genie. Photo: NBCU
Paapa Essiedu (L) and Melissa McCarthy (R) in Genie. Photo: NBCU
Genie Christmas Movie Coming to Peacock

(released 11/20/2023)

Genie will premiere on Peacock on November 22nd. The Peacock Original film was written by the screenwriter of Love Actually and stars Paapa Essiedu and Melissa McCarthy. The fairytale film is a Christmas Time comedy movie.

Genie tells the story of Bernard (Emmy nominee Paapa Essiedu; I May Destroy You), a man whose life is falling apart, who forges a friendship with a genie named Flora (Oscar nominee Melissa Mccarthy) that is more than he could ever wish for.

Consumed by work, Bernard loses his connection with his wife Julie and their daughter Eve. When he misses Eve's birthday and gets fired by his boss, Julie calls for a trial separation. Alone in his New York City apartment, Bernard stumbles upon a mysterious jewelry box that has entrapped Flora the genie for a long 2,000 years. Flora is used to granting wishes of gold doubloons and hot babes to the greedy men who've found her jewelry box over the years, but Bernard is different. Flora might be Bernard's last hope of getting his family back, but even with her magic, it’s a long shot. In the process, Flora and Bernard discover that love, and an unexpected friendship, can unleash a special holiday magic all its own.

Here's the trailer for Genie:

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