Melissa McCarthy as The Genie
Melissa McCarthy as The Genie
Melissa McCarthy Plays a Christmas Genie

(released 3/18/2023)

March 15th in Manhattan was sunshine after days of grey nor'easter cloud cover. The day was cold, windy 25mph gusts with temps reading 39 and feeling like 29 degrees.  A Christmas tree lot was on the corner of 77th and Columbus, out of season and surrounded by production trucks, cameras and equipment to focus the lights. This was permitted as UNYCP (Untitled NY Christmas Project). BERNARD AND THE GENIE is the production titled on the producers chairs.

The film is formed around the idea that Bernard must use this Genie to piece his family back together before Christmas.  As reported in Deadline, The Christmas-in-New York movie has been written by LOVE ACTUALLY scribe Richard Curtis and will be directed by Sam Boyd.

The Genie is Melissa McCarthy and Bernard is Paapa Essiedu. Both were on set to film the Genie popping out of the trees at the Christmas tree sidewalk lot.

Here are a few photos and videos from set:

Melissa McCarthy (red hair), Paapa Essiedu (hat), Sam Boyd (green jacket)

producers chairs


Melissa McCarthy arriving on set

Melissa McCarthy and Paapa Essiedu talking with director Sam Boyd



director Sam Boyd

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