Calvert's Strut is Playing on Revry.TV

(released 7/10/2021)

After a successful run on the festival circuit in 2018-19, Misha Calvert's latest work Strut has found a home on Revry, the digital media platform making its name for LGBTQ entertainment. Strut is a web series written and produced by Calvert. She also stars in it along with three other women. Calvert has also written the web serials All Hail Beth and Step Into My Office.

Calvert plays Eddie, a geeky porn editor. Co-starring in the series are Margaret Hudson as Eva, Eddie's roommate and best friend, Manini Gupta as Lucy, an aspiring journalist, and Christina Toth as Chandaleer, a pill-popping alcohol-guzzling fashion model.

The series begins with Eddie's friends vowing to save her from a life of lonely solitude. They conspire to bring her to a sex party, which kicks off a series of events inching them towards escorting. Season One tracks the friends as they debate the pros and cons of sex work, culminating in the launch of their business.

Margaret Hudson is known for her role in Newsroom and she won Best Supporting Actress in a Web Series for her work in Strut at the 2018 NYC Independent Film Festival. Manini Gupta has played roles in numerous television series including Awkwafina Is Nora from QueensAlternatino, and Blue Bloods. Christina Toth has been seen in Orange is the New Black.

The show is easy to digest. It's 6 episodes at 5 minutes a pop. You can literally watch it in 30 minutes. Strut is sexy and funny, so if that interests you, give it a watch.

You can view Strut for free now at

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