A Woman Like Me Premieres Oct 9 at Village East

(released 10/2/2015)

On Friday, October 9th, the feature film A Woman Like Me makes its theatrical premiere at Village East Cinemas. It is scheduled to have a week run through Thursday, October 15th.  The timing is perfect in that it takes advantage of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

To explain that, you have to know a little about the film and its back story.  A Woman Like Me is mixed documentary and narrative film told through the words and lens of Alex Sichel.  You see, Alexandra Sichel died of cancer in June of 2014.  She was diagnosed with metastatic cancer in 2011 and came up with the idea of telling her story or a story like hers.

Sichel teamed up with her friend and producer Elizabeth Giamatti.  They got everything in the can and started reviewing their footage when Alex passed away.  Giamatti filled in the co-director role to complete the movie.  There's a great interview by Scott Macauley in Filmmaker Magazine detailing their behind the scenes journey.

A Woman Like Me stars actress Lili Taylor in the lead role as Anna.  It has played at a few festivals and garnered a Special Jury Recognition for Directing a Documentary Feature at SXSW.  It has a Kickstarter aimed at an outreach campaign and as of today, they have already reached their goal.  A $25 pledge will get you invited to a matinee screening on October 10th or 11th where you can ask co-director and producer Elizabeth Giamatti a question about the film.

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