Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro
Netflix's Zero Day Series Filming in NYC

(released 5/10/2024)

Zero Day is a new Netflix series currently filming its first episodes throughout NYC. This political thriller has conspiracy and drama. The storyline reads on IMDB "In the midst of crisis: how can we discover the truth when it seems that the world is being destroyed by uncontrollable forces? Also, to what extent are conspiracy theories our own inventions or products of our imagination?" The series centers on a devastating global cyberattack.

The series' cast includes Jesse Plemons, Robert De Niro, Mozhan Navabi, Lizzy Caplan, Angela Bassett as President Mitchell, Connie Britton, Joan Allen, Matthew Modine and more. This will be film actor Robert De Niro's first time appearing in a television series. Robert De Niro will serve as an executive producer on the series along with Eric Newman, Noah Oppenheim and Jonathan Glickman.

Lesli Linka Glatter is directing the series. Grand Electric (Eric Newman), Panoramic Media (Jonathan Glickman) and Netflix are the production companies for the series. Eric Newman and Noah Oppenheim worked on the story with Michael Schmidt with Newman and Oppenheim writing the script.

Netflix greenlit the series March 1, 2023. Filming had originally started around New York in 2023. An application for a train crash was submitted in Weshchester County, New York for July 2023. Due to the Writers Guild of America strike, cast and crew were sent home in June 2023. As of this writing in May 2024, you are seeing many more days of production for the series taking place in NYC. was able to capture one such day, Saturday May 4th, as De Niro's character George Mullen was delivering a speech to a crowd outside of lower Manhattan building One Battery Park Plaza. The crew prepped the building's interior and exterior for shooting starting May 3 and wrapped the location May 5th.

Below are a few clips and photos of the exterior shooting that took place on Saturday, May 4th.

This video is from Zero Day filming on May 1st at the Wall Street Helipad.

Mozhan Navabi (blue jacket at podium)

Robert De Niro and Mozhan Navabi (blue jacket facing away)

President Angela Bassett's photo in the lobby

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