NoBudge Founder and Host Kentucker Audley
NoBudge Founder and Host Kentucker Audley
NoBudge Live Screening Next Week at Nitehawk

(released 5/17/2023)

NoBudge is a streaming platform for young and emerging filmmakers. No Budge also hosts live screenings in Brooklyn with filmmaker Q&A's and afterparties.  We attended NoBudge Live #33 a collection of short films screening that was held at Nitehawk Cinema Prospect Park on April 24, 2023. At the bottom, you can see a recording of the Q&A from that nite.

The curated lineup of short films took the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions in the 103 minutes of screening. Laughter was audible throughout the audience. Here is a list of the film titles that screened that evening and are searchable on the platform NoBudge for viewing:

I'M AT HOME - Director Phillip Thompson present. The host of a children's television show aimed for creativity starts experiencing burnout after needing to force that creativity everyday. (13min)

THE SELF TAPE - New York Premiere. Directors Ruby Ulla Jerkins and Katie Prael present. Aspiring actors and family friends Ruby, Sterling and Kate, all receive a next day audition request for the same role. (16 min)

VALENTINE'S DAY - New York Premiere. Director Sam Dinerstein present. In 2013, during a bizarre double date, Wade wants to vlog and make some memories. (15min)

HORNY KID - New York Premiere. Director Josh Whiteman present. A filmmakers mother recalls stories of her son's lustful youth, causing him to reflect on his current love life at the age of 30. (7min)

MOMMY - New York Premiere. Filmmaker Sophia Smith present. During a first hookup, a new couple works their way through a mommy kink. (6min)

LA PISCINA - Directors Simple Town present. Three touchy siblings invite a man who's visiting America to spend the day with them at their pool. (12min)

WELCOME TO THE ENCLAVE - New York Premiere. Director Sarah Lasley present. Two sisters fight to save their digital utopia from demise. (12min)

PREP - Director Raymond Knudsen present. A bodybuilding fever dream fueled by childhood trauma, food porn, and said techno music. (14min)

MODERN MAN - Director Guy Kozak present. A man who just wants to eat pizza and watch Monday Night Football with a good group of guys is looking for love. (8min)

Watch these and more films at

The next live screening will take place Wednesday, May 24th at Nitehawk's Williamsburg location. (136 Metropolitan Avenue)

This screening will be a feature film. EYEBALLS IN THE DARKNESS will be introduced by the director Albert Birney at 7:15p.m. and a Q&A will follow. The film has a 106 minute running time. You can secure your seats here:

Q&A from NoBudge #33 at Nitehawk Prospect Park.

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