Donnie Wahlberg on set of Blue Bloods - March 19, 2021
Donnie Wahlberg on set of Blue Bloods - March 19, 2021
Blue Bloods Shooting in Central Park

(released 3/19/2021)

CBS original Blue Bloods was shooting on the North end of Central Park on Friday, March 19, 2021. Donnie Wahlberg, known on the show as Detective Danny Reagan, Marisa Ramirez who plays Detective Maria Baez and crew were walking through a crime scene for the production of the series now broadcasting Season 11.

The Friday night mainstay on the CBS network premiered September 24, 2010 to 13.01 million viewers. The next five seasons the show maintained between 10 and 11 million viewers. Since 2016 to present the show has Friday night viewership between 8 and 9 million viewers.

If you are not one of these millions of viewers, the Blue Bloods show is known for sharing the Reagan family around a Sunday dinner table as a family of law enforcers. Set in NYC, Detective Reagan, his sister Erin Reagan Assistant District Attorney, and brother Officer Jamie Reagan fathered by Tom Selleck's character Commissioner Frank Reagan make up the Reagan family dynamic. A home in Bayridge Brooklyn is used for the exterior shots of the Reagan home.

You can watch the series from the premiere episode through the current season with a Paramount+ subscription. Paramount+ is a division of ViacomCBS.

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