Bushwick Film Fest Launches Netflix Watch Party

(released 4/10/2020)

The Bushwick Film Festival, which runs in October every year, has created a way to interact with film lovers during the stay at home orders.  It launched a Netflix Watch Party Series and includes Q&A's with alumni from earlier festivals.

For the watch parties, they are utilizing Netflix, Netflix Party, and Zoom.  BFF held their first event on Thursday, April 9th with a watch party screening of See You Yesterday and a Q&A with the writer and director Stefon Bristol.  During the Zoom Q&A, there were about 20-30 people on at any one time and it was an uplifting lighthearted experience going into the homes of Festival Founder Kweighbaye Kotee and filmmaker Stefon Bristol.  Some of the spectators opted to leave their cameras on and you could follow along and watch their expressions as well during the experience.

From Kotee...
"One of the things I love most about being BFF's founder is seeing the journey of our filmmakers. When they are at Bushwick they come as emerging storytellers, many with first or second features, and I get to see them move on to platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or get theatrical distribution deals. That makes me and everyone at the festival feel like we've contributed to their success. The films and shows that we'll be watching together on Netflix are a testament to the diversity of programming that we have always valued since our first edition in 2007."

Upcoming watch parties include:
Beats with Miles Orion Feldsott (writer/co-producer) and actors Khalil Everage and Ashley Jackson
Menashe with director Joshua Weinstein
Orange Is the New Black with actors Cathy Curtin and Daniella De Jesus

To request an invite and get instructions on how to participate, go to:

And on a related topic, the Bushwick Film Festival is currently accepting submissions for their October 2020 festival.

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