This Week at the Comedy Cellar

(released 10/11/2018)

Comedy Cellar is going to be the house of a new Comedy Central TV show, This Week at the Comedy Cellar. The half hour stand up series is filmed at the legendary New York City comedy club. The first show will air Friday, October 26 at 11pm ET.

The show will record each episode over the course of the same week that it airs. Fresh topical comedy is the goal of this tight 30 minute weekly show. Insight from the "comics table" at the Comedy Cellar will talk about the process of taking topics to the stage and debate topics in their personal manner.  A biographical segment will spotlight a featured stand up comedian from that week's line-up as well.

Ish Entertainment, founded by Michael Hirschorn, along with Jessica Antonini of Ish Entertainment, and Ted Tremper will executive produce with Comedy Cellar's Noam Dworman and Ray Ellin.

Executives in charge of production for Comedy Central are Christian McLaughlin, Anne Harris, and Chloe Ifshin.

Comedy Central plans to post extended content from the comedian rountable discussions and stand-up highlights weekly on and on YouTube. Full episodes will be available online the day after they premiere on Comedy Central.

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