NYTVF Announces Script Competition Selections

(released 8/31/2016)

New York Television Festival held annually in October, will host in it's 12th year an inaugural NYTVF Scripts Competition. The first year of Scripts Competition called for worldwide submissions of half-hour comedy scripts. The call received 995 submissions and 21 have been chosen as Official Selections for the October 2016 festival.

The following selections are published on the festival's website http://www.nytvf.com/2016_scripts_competition.html


Boring, Or
Written by Stephen Soroka - Los Angeles, CA
After two years of living in fear, the townsfolk of Boring have decided to turn a blind eye to a serial killer on the loose. Only Garrett, a disgraced former FBI agent and Boring native, is determined to find the killer and salvage his reputation... not necessarily in that order.

Written by Tim Woodall and Phil Drinkwater - Manchester, UK
This dark comedy tells the story of Alice – an intelligent, independent 30-something woman – as she struggles to reacclimate to life inside her family's pseudo-religious cult.

Written by Arielle Diaz Contreras - Chicago, IL
Three Silicon Valley tech girls have to grapple with their own ambition while trying to balance life, work, and love in a hyper-connected city.

Family Functions
Written by Alex Forstenhausler and Eric Lee - New York, NY
When a recent college grad moves back home to figure out his life, he's forced to attend a series of functions with the big extended family he spent the last five years trying to avoid.

Family Television
Written by Jim Kozyra - Chicago, IL
The Klotzman family has occupied the same house for the past three generations, and, in this time-hopping comedy, we see each of their stories through the lens of classic sitcom styles from the 50's, 80's and today.

Written by Chas Jackson - Los Angeles, CA
A misguided young idealist, whose activism won't pay his rent, fights the gentrification of his West Oakland neighborhood.

Hey Girl
Written by Matt McConkey - Los Angeles, CA
A gay, serial monogamist gets left at the altar and dives back into the dating pool with the help of his egomaniacal friends. In recent years, the LGBT community has made great strides. These guys have not.

Written by Rekha Shankar - Brooklyn, NY
Best friends, video gamers, and WoC Nina and Paige pursue their New York dreams while fighting the daily supervillains of "the patriarchy" and "unequal opportunity" in this absurdist comedy.

Ino Badanjak: Private Eye
Written by Andrew Coalson and Ryan Donahue - New York, NY
Ino Badanjak is the best damn private investigator in town. And she goes to a lot of towns.

Jackass Flats
Written by Benjamin Deeb and Graham Towers - Los Angeles, CA
An Area 51-adjacent research team investigates unexplained phenomena and attempts to find meaning in an ambivalent universe, all while alien forces are conspiring to kick them in the d*ck.

Junior College
Written by Meghan O'Neill - Brooklyn, NY
An homage/parody of early 90's teen TV shows, this tongue-in-cheek comedy takes place at a hypercolor-clad institute of slightly higher learning. At Jr. College, there's so much more to life than knowledge!

Written by Anthony Gioe and Nick Mandernach - Los Angeles, CA
At Carson High School, you're a football player or a nobody. This ensemble comedy features the nobodies of the marching band as they navigate the cutthroat world of high school and high step, fighting for first chair, regional titles, and anyone's attention.

Med School High
Written by Daniel Hsia - Los Angeles, CA
Mary Lee, a former high school loser, finally achieves her dream of going to medical school, only to discover that it's high school all over again.

Medium Well
Written by Christina Brosman - Brooklyn, NY
Marjorie has spent the last decade as an assistant to a celebrity chef and a wife to her high school sweetheart. Now in her 30's, she's finally ready to admit that she wants a culinary career of her own...and a divorce.

Millennial Mafia
Written by Ali Garfinkel - New York, NY
After their Mafia parents are thrown in prison, a group of Millennials must work together to keep the family business – and themselves – alive.

Sequim Falls
Written by Keaton Patti and Dan Glaser - New York, NY
This off-kilter comedy pairs a supernatural skeptic with a die-hard believer, who crack cases of both the mundane and the other-worldly, discovering kooky conspiracies, spooky histories, and badass ghosts along the way.

Written by Kristina Felske - Los Angeles, CA
Casey, a "professional" slacker, just slept through the apocalypse. Without Google or her kind-hearted parents helping her along, what's a lazy stoner girl to do?

Stud Govt
Written by Kevin Anglin - Los Angeles, CA
A group of misguided and ambitious college students will stop at nothing to get elected to their student government. Once they succeed, they'll cling to power by any means necessary.

This Is Now
Written by Kris Lefcoe - New York, NY
Three formerly successful friends face the horror of being middle aged in the digital age.

Written by David Pasquesi and Sue Gillan - Chicago, IL
Set in what's left of Chicago's oldest Catholic, working-class neighborhood, this gritty comedy follows a couple that should have left town, and each other, long ago.

Vajessica Jay
Written by Chris Hauser - Chicago, IL
A teen detective teams up with her rebellious brother, a tiny-brained freshman, and an antique mannequin to solve the many crimes that take place in her high school.

The New York Television Festival is a week of independent television creation, competition, and camaraderie. Mark your calendar for October 24-29, 2016.

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