Iron Mule Short Comedy Film Festival - August 17

(released 8/16/2016)

The next Iron Mule Short Comedy Film Festival is Wednesday, August 17 at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg.  Six short films will screen.  They are...

Emma Inspired // written by Jamie Rice and Nicole Machon; directed by Nicole Machon
An Ape Walks Into a Bar: A True Story // written and directed by Eric Maierson
Huevos, Jefe (Suck My Balls, Boss) // written and directed by Joe Rendón
Time Port Glory Hole // written and directed by Jason Petrovitch
Boy Toys // written and directed by Trevor Kristjanson
Pickle Farts // written and directed by Anthony Kapfer and starring David Elmy

The last short, Pickle Farts, includes a member of the audience from a previous edition of Iron Mule.  This is what they call "Wanna Be a Star?" and involves the opportunity for an audience member to be chosen to star in a new film that will be screened at the following month's Iron Mule screening.

Tickets are 16 bucks.  The show starts at 7:15pm and is followed by an after party.  Details are here:

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