Panel: Nuyoricans impact on New York Film & TV

(released 3/2/2016)

The Museum of the Moving Image is hosting a panel discussion about the contributions of New York-born Puerto Ricans to the film and entertainment industry.  The event, titled Nuyorican Cinema: Framing Identity, is taking place Friday, March 4 at 7:30pm.

The panel is comprised of directors, actors, writers, and producers.  They will discuss the traditional neighborhoods where these filmmakers lived and where many Nuyorican films are made: LES, South Bronx, Spanish Harlem, and Los Sures.  They will talk about the challenges facing Boricuan filmmakers and where things are headed.

The panel was organized by and will be moderated by Edwin Pagán.  The panelists are:

Vagabond Alexander Beaumont - Writer, director, activist
Sonia González-Martinez - Director, editor
Cynthia López - Former Commissioner of NYC Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, producer
Frances Negrón-Muntaner - Filmmaker, scholar, author
Luis Antonio Ramos - Actor

The event is free, but as of this writing, it is fully booked.

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