Kyra Sedgwick - screening of Space Oddity at Village East - March 31, 2023
Kyra Sedgwick - screening of Space Oddity at Village East - March 31, 2023
Cinema Roundup For the Week of May 16

(released 5/16/2024)

Here's our list of upcoming special event type screenings at theaters in New York from May 16th and beyond. These are the screenings that have actors, directors or producers at them to answer questions from critics and audience members. If you host an event and we missed you, please let us know -

Babes - Q&A with Actors Ilana Glazer & Michelle Buteau
May 16 (7:30pm), May 18 (7pm, 7:30pm)
Angelika Film Center (18 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
Pregnant from a one-night-stand, Eden leans on her best friend and mother of two, Dawn, to guide her through gestation and beyond.

Film Geek - Q&A with Director Richard Shepard
May 17 (6pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
A look back at a movie obsessed kid growing up in New York City, and his relationship with his mysterious father. Crafted entirely out of film clips from over 200 movies, as well as his personal archives, director Richard Shepard mines the material for clues to understand his own cinematic DNA.

Certain Women - Intro & Q&A with Director Kelly Reichardt
May 17 (8:15pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
The lives of three women intersect in small-town America, where each is imperfectly blazing a trail.

Taking Venice - Q&A with Director Amei Wallach
May 17 (7:15pm), May 18 (7:15pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
At the height of the Cold War, the U.S. government is determined to fight Communism with culture. The Venice Biennale, the world's most influential art exhibition, becomes a proving ground in 1964. Alice Denney, Washington insider and friend of the Kennedys, recommends Alan Solomon, an ambitious curator making waves with trailblazing art, to organize the U.S. entry.

Meek's Cutoff - Q&A with Director Kelly Reichardt
May 18 (5:15pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
Settlers traveling through the Oregon desert in 1845 find themselves stranded in harsh conditions.

The Last Stop in Yuma County - Q&A with Actor Michael Abbott Jr.
May 18 (7:20pm)
Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan (28 Liberty Street, Manhattan)
While stranded at a rural Arizona rest stop, a traveling salesman is thrust into a dire hostage situation by the arrival of two bank robbers with no qualms about using cruelty-or cold, hard steel-to protect their bloodstained fortune.

Eve's Bayou - Q&A with Actor Roger G. Smith
May 20 (7pm)
Alamo Drafthouse - Lower Manhattan (28 Liberty Street, Manhattan)
Over the course of a long, hot Louisiana summer, a 10-year-old black girl, Eve Batiste, discovers that her family's affluent existence is merely a facade. The philandering of her suave doctor father, Louis, creates a rift, throwing Eve's mother, Roz, and teenage sister, Cisely, into emotional turmoil. Eve, though, manages to find some solace with her quirky psychic aunt, Mozelle.

Edge of Everything - Q&A with Directors Sophia Sabella & Pablo Feldman and Actor Sierra McCormick
May 21 (7pm)
Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg (136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn)
A teenager straddles the line between childhood and adulthood after her mother's death

The Philadelphia Eleven - Q&A with Director Margo Guernsey
May 21 (7pm)
Firehouse Cinema DCTV (87 Lafayette Street, Manhattan)
In an act of civil disobedience, a group of women and their supporters organize their ordination to become Episcopal priests in 1974. The Church of the Advocate in Philadelphia welcomes them, but change is no small task. The women are harassed, threatened and banned from stepping on church property.

Maestra - Q&A with Director Maggie Contreras (5/21 with EP David Letterman)
May 21 (6pm), May 24 (7pm), May 25 (7pm), May 26 (2:50pm)
Angelika Film Center (18 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
Maestra follows five international women as they prepare for and perform in 'La Maestra', the only competition in the world for female orchestra conductors.

Black Girls Play - Q&A with Director Michéle Stephenson
May 22 (6:30pm)
Bronx Documentary Center (614 Courtlandt Avenue, Bronx)
Documenting the joyful tradition of hand games, Black Girls Play traces the playground pastime from generation to generation, and explores its impact on music, dance, and popular culture today.

Queen of the Deuce - Q&A with Director Valerie Kontakos
May 23 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
From the late '60s to the mid '80s, in the notorious Times Square area known as the Deuce, the eccentric, Greek-born Chelly Wilson built a porn cinema empire and a reputation as one of the most savvy and charismatic figures on the scene.

Chico - Q&A with Director Ibolya Fekete
May 24 (7pm)
Spectacle Theater (124 S. 3rd Street, Brooklyn)
The adventures of a young man as he moves from the Latin-American revolutions in the sixties and seventies, through Hungary in the eighties, to the Croatian war in 1991.

First Cow - Q&A with Director Kelly Reichardt
May 24 (7pm)
Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Manhattan)
A skilled cook has traveled west and joined a group of fur trappers in Oregon, though he only finds true connection with a Chinese immigrant also seeking his fortune. Soon the two collaborate on a successful business.

Lilies - Q&A with Director John Greyson and
May 24 (7:05pm)
Quad Cinema (34 West 13th Street, Manhattan)
A critically-lauded adaptation of Michael Marc Bouchard's Les Feluettes, Lilies is an emotionally intense, suspense-laden tale of love, betrayal, and revenge in which one man's past comes back to haunt him.

Songs of Earth - Q&A with Director Margreth Olin
May 24 (7:10pm), May 25 (7:10pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
In this stunning work about the importance of being present in the world, filmmaker Margreth Olin's 84-year-old father Jørgen guides us through Norway's dizzyingly beautiful mountain landscapes to where his family has lived in nature for generations.

Veselka: The Rainbow on the Corner at the Center of the World - Q&A with Director Michael Fiore
May 25 (2:45pm)
New Plaza Cinema (35 West 67th Street, Manhattan)
The story of New York City's beloved Ukrainian restaurant Veselka and its father and son proprietors, Tom and Jason Birchard. When Jason graduated college without a vision for his future, Tom brings him into the family business. Jason learns that Tom's dedication to Veselka produces delicious food that satisfies a colorful cast of neighbors and newcomers, but this leaves little time for Tom to be "dad" at work.

Kiss Me Kosher - Q&A with Actor John Carroll Lynch
May 25 (5pm)
New Plaza Cinema (35 West 67th Street, Manhattan)
When two generations of Israeli women fall for a German woman and a Palestinian man, chaos follows. What happens with lovers who don't fit–but do belong together?

Dunston Checks In - Q&A with Director Ken Kwapis
May 25 (5:15pm)
Roxy Cinema (2 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan)
A young boy befriends a larcenous orangutan in a luxury hotel.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - Q&A with Actress Amber Tamblyn and Director Ken Kwapis
May 26 (5:15pm)
Roxy Cinema (2 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan)
Four best girlfriends hatch a plan to stay connected with one another as their lives start off in different directions: they pass around a pair of secondhand jeans that fits each of their bodies perfectly.

Make Me Famous - Q&A with Director Brian Vincent, Producer Heather Spore
May 27 (12:15pm)
New Plaza Cinema (35 West 67th Street, Manhattan)
A madcap romp through the 1980's NYC art scene amid the colorful career of painter, Edward Brezinski, hell-bent on making it. Filmed in NYC, Detroit, San Francisco, Ireland, Berlin and the Cote d'Azur.

Free Time - Q&A with Director Ryan Martin Brown
May 29 (8:30pm)
Nitehawk Cinema - Prospect Park (188 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn)
Drew is approaching the end of his twenties and, with it, his relative youth. Looking to make a sudden change, he decides to quit his cushy desk job and "embrace life." Cycling quickly through friends, hobbies, and goals, it's not long until Drew realizes he has no idea what to do with his newfound freedom.

Flipside - Q&A with Director Chris Wilcha, moderated by Ira Glass
May 31 (6pm, 8:30pm), Jun 2 (2:55pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
A comical attempt to save a New Jersey record store and confront a mid-life crisis.

Wild Style - Intro by Director Charlie Ahearn
May 31 (6:10pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
South Bronx graffiti artist Zoro is commissioned to paint a backdrop for a hip-hop concert.

An American Werewolf in London - Intro by Actor Griffin Dunne
Jun 1 (7pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
Two American college students on a walking tour of Britain are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists.

Footnotes - Q&A with Director Chris Leary, Producer Hunter Truman, Actor Sharayu Mahale
Jun 1 (6pm), Jun 2 (6pm w/ Director & Producer)
Cinema Village (22 East 12th Street, Manhattan)
Footnotes is the story of neighbors and near total strangers, Will and Apurna. When they begin spending lock-down together in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, what starts as a platonic convenience quickly develops into something much, much more.

Hit Man - Q&A with Director Richard Linklater, Actors Adria Arjona & Retta
Jun 3 (7pm)
Paris Theater (4 West 58th Street, Manhattan)
Inspired by an unbelievable true story, a strait-laced professor discovers he has a hidden talent as a fake hit man. He meets his match in a client who steals his heart and ignites a powder keg of deception, delight, and mixed-up identities.

Naked Acts - Q&A with Director Bridgett M. Davis
Jun 6 (7pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
Aspiring actress Cicely has lost 57 pounds and landed her first movie role. The director didn't tell her about a nude scene. Reluctant to do it, she embarks on a personal journey that unveils secrets once hid under her excessive weight.

I Used To Be Funny - Q&A with Director Ally Pankiw
Jun 6 (6:45pm), Jun 7 (7:15pm)
Quad Cinema (34 West 13th Street, Manhattan)
Sam, a stand-up comedian struggling with PTSD, weighs whether or not to join the search for a missing teenage girl she used to nanny.

Banel & Adama - Q&A with Director Ramata-Toulaye Sy
Jun 7 (8:10pm), Jun 8 (6:10pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
A young couple in Senegal must contend with the disapproval of their remote village.

Tuesday - Q&A with Director Daina O. Pusic, Actor Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Lola Petticrew
Jun 7 (7:30pm), Jun 8 (7:30pm)
Angelika Film Center (18 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
A mother, in a profoundly moving performance) and her teenage daughter must confront Death when it arrives in the form of an astonishing talking bird. From debut filmmaker Daina O. Pusic, Tuesday is a heart-rending fairy tale about the echoes of loss and finding resilience in the unexpected.

Julia Scotti: Funny That Way - Q&A with Director Susan Sandler and guests Julia Scotti & Julie Klausner
Jun 9 (3:15pm)
New Plaza Cinema (35 West 67th Street, Manhattan)
A tender, funny, & powerful portrait of transgender comedian Julia Scotti, exploring the courage & humor it takes to be Julia.

After Hours - Q&A with Actor Griffin Dunne
Jun 9 (5:30pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
An ordinary word processor has the worst night of his life after he agrees to visit a girl in Soho he met that evening at a coffee shop.

Honeysuckle Rose - Q&A with Director Jerry Schatzberg
Jun 10 (6:45pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
Buck is a country singer on the road caught in a romantic triangle with Viv and Lily, the daughter of his longtime musical sidekick.

The Beaver Trilogy - Q&A with Director Trent Harris
Jun 11 (7pm)
Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg (136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn)
In 1979, filmmaker Trent Harris visits the small town of Beaver, Utah to film a talent show. Impressed by a performer called Groovin' Gary, he recreates Gary's act in 1981 with Sean Penn and in 1985 with Crispin Glover.

Queendom - Q&A with Director Agniia Galdanova, Producer Igor Myakotin
Jun 14 (7pm), Jun 15 (4:40pm, 7pm), Jun 19 (7pm)
Cinema Village (22 East 12th Street, Manhattan)
In defiance of Russia's anti-LGTBQ laws, a queer, 21-year-old artist risks her life performing in surreal costumes throughout Moscow. Jenna Marvin's radical public performances blend artistry and activism.

Sons and Grown-Ups - Q&A with Director Manfred Kirchheimer
Jun 15 (2:30pm)
Museum of the Moving Image (36-01 35 Avenue, Astoria, Queens)
Sons: This frank generational portrait assembles a gallery of aging men, all baby boomers drawn from the filmmaker's community of friends and family, to share and reflect upon tender, often painful memories of their parents.
Grown-Ups: A cross-section of men and women reflect on life's milestones, such as finding one's vocation, the loss of a loved one, childhood joys and traumas, and other events which would ultimately prove to be defining moments in their lives.

Janet Planet - Q&A with Writer/Director Annie Baker
Jun 21 (7:30pm), Jun 22 (5pm)
Angelika Film Center (18 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
In rural Western Massachusetts, 11-year-old Lacy spends the summer of 1991 at home, enthralled by her own imagination and the attention of her mother, Janet. As the months pass, three visitors enter their orbit, all captivated by Janet.

Green Border - Q&A with Director Agnieszka Holland
Jun 21 (7:20pm), Jun 22 (6pm), Jun 23 (4:10pm)
Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Manhattan)
A family of refugees from Syria, an English teacher from Afghanistan and a border guard all meet on the Polish-Belarusian border during the most recent humanitarian crisis in Belarus.

Smithereens - Q&A with Director Susan Siedelman
Jun 25 (7pm)
IFC Center (323 6th Avenue, Manhattan)
A talent-challenged girl tries to promote herself to stardom in New York's waning punk music world.

El Mariachi - Q&A with Actor/Producer Carlos Gallardo
Jun 29 (7pm)
Village East by Angelika (181-189 2nd Avenue, Manhattan)
A traveling mariachi is mistaken for a murderous criminal and must hide from a gang bent on killing him.

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