Korean American Film Festival NY This Week

(released 11/8/2023)

KAFFNY Korean American Film Festival NY starts November 8 and runs till the 13th. The festival was founded in 2006 and this will be the 17th annual film festival. This year will again be a hybrid of in person screenings and streaming options throughout the festival dates. (A) purchase tickets for the live screenings or (B) sign up to get an access code to stream the films during the festival. Due to the economical impact on the creative industry in recent times, the program with no set ticket prices only ask for open donations from those who are able to give.

Opening night will be in person at CUNY Macaulay Honors College (35 W 67th St, New York, NY 10023) on Wednesday, November 8. Streaming this film is a one night only option. The film will be preceded by THE TEMPLE OF NON-DUALITY and the Opening Night film will be CHOSEN. CHOSEN looks at the US Congress and that since 1903 only two Korean Americans were elected. In 2020 five Korean Americans are running and all have diverse competing political views. Directed by Joseph Juhn the film has a 89 minute running time.

The Closing night film will be director Abraham Lim's film SHIFTING: JOURNEYS THROUGH THE ANTARCTICA. This will be the films NY premiere and has an 83 minute running time. A Jungian 3-layered story of journeys through Antarctica, the film follows a filmmaker's trip back to the US when his elderly mother has had a stroke. As he cleans her house and prepares for her possible death, he awakens to his mother's life story, and through her journey finds the answers to his unfinished film in Antarctica. This November 12th screening will be at Prime Produce located at 424 West 54th Street at 7pm.

Before the closing night film, join filmmakers and film fans at Prime Produce 5:30-6:30pm for a free Filmmaker mixer. This in-person event is a great chance to meet and network with fellow filmmakers. The event is sponsored with some food and drinks from Kimbap Lab, Hummy Soju cocktail, and Yobo's KTown flavored soju.

To view the full program and find your tickets for both in person and streaming events click though here: https://kaffny.org

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