Heike Makatsch and Axel Stein
Heike Makatsch and Axel Stein
Apple TV+ Acquires First German Series

(released 9/13/2023)

Apple TV+ has acquired first German series with new dark comedy "Where's Wanda?" This German- language series has eight episodes in the can to share with audiences. "Where's Wanda?" is produced by UFA Fiction, a Fremantle company, for Apple TV+. Original idea by Zoltan Spirandelli ("Vaya con Dios," "Lulu").

"Where's Wanda?" tells the story of Dedo and Carlotta Klatt, who are desperate to locate their missing daughter months after her disappearance. When the police fail to find her, they take matters into their own hands. With the help of their tech-savvy son Ole (Simon), who helps them obtain surveillance devices, they disguise themselves as employees of an electrical company and bug first their neighborhood and then half their suburb, finding out that behind closed doors none of their neighbors are who they pretend to be.

The show stars Heike Makatsch ("Love Actually", "Hilde", I've Never Been to New York") German Comedy Award winner Axel Stein ( "The Vault"/original title "WayDown", "Not My Day") multiple award-winning actress Lea Drinda ("The Gryphon," "We Children from Bahnhof Zoo"), newcomer Leo Simon, presenter and actress Palina Rojinski ("Welcome to Germany," "Nightlife") and entrepreneur, actress and author Nikeata Thompson ("How to Dad").

The series also features multiple award winners Devid Striesow ("All Quiet on the Western Front," "I‘m Off Then") and Joachim Król ("The Most Desired Man," "Gloomy Sunday," "Mack the Knife – Brecht's Threepenny Film"), alongside Jasmin Shakeri ("The Magic Flute") and Bavarian Film Award nominee Kostja Ullmann ("My Blind Date With Life," "Paradise").

The series is directed by award-winning, critically acclaimed filmmakers Christian Ditter ("How to Be Single," "Love, Rosie," "Girlboss," "Biohackers") and multiple award winner Tobi Baumann ("Faking Hitler," "Pastewka," "Die Wespe"), the series is written by Royal Television Society nominee Oliver Lansley ("Flack," "Whites," "FM"). Executive producers are Rockie Award winner Nataly Kudiabor ("Arthur‘s Law," "The Mopes") and two time International Emmy award winner Sebastian Werninger ("The Physician," "Deutschland 83," "All About Me").

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