Films and Good Vibes with Artists & Beers

(released 8/10/2023)

Artists & Beers took off for the summer months of June and July.  They were back last night for drinks and short films at All Night Skate in Brooklyn. All Night Skate has been their home the past 3 events, so April and May.  They also held screenings earlier in the year at Stuart Cinema and Easy Lover.

The last time we attended an Artists and Beers was January 9, 2020 when they were at Stone Creek in Kips Bay, which like many establishments, have shuttered since the pandemic lockdown.

As has been the case, the show is hosted by Chip Parham and Nancy Pop. Nancy cues up the movies and Chip runs Q&A with the filmmakers after each short.

Obviously, it's a relaxed environment.  It's called Artists & Beers, so most people are enjoying a drink or two. But really sets this apart from other local indie film events is that Chip asks questions that really shows he's watched every film.

To find out future dates or get your film screened, follow their Instagram.

Here are some photos from last night, August 9th.

Shara Ashley Zeiger (I Mustache You)

Co-Writer Emily Menez, Co-Writer/Director Darin Quan (Jared & Daughter) and host Chip Parham

Reina Rouzaud (Begin)

Dustin Waldman (Never Fuggedaboutit)

George Carrillo (Damned Are the Lost)

William George-Louis (Liquor/Beer/Wine)

Brian Ratigan (A Body Appeared at the Lake Today)

(back row) Reina Rouzaud, William George-Louis, Dustin Waldman, Brian Ratigan, George Carrillo
(front row) Nancy Pop, Chip Parham

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