Skyline Movies in Hunters Point by CinemaLIC

(released 7/10/2023)

CinemaLIC is a summer tradition 8 years strong of movies screened on the waterfront at Hunters Point South Park. Located at Center Blvd & 51st Avenue in Long Island City, you can access the park by ferry to Long Island City or the 7 Train to the Vernon-Jackson Station and walk west to the park.  The park's vantage offers the New York City skyline as the backdrop.

The event is free and open to residents and visitors alike. Hosted by LIC Landing, the evening is brought to you by NestSeekers International and Hunters Point Park Conservancy. Movies start at sunset and the following dates are upcoming presentations:

July 13th - Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
July 22 - Top Gun: Maverick
August 10th - Soul 
September 8th - Aladdin

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