Doug E. Fresh
Doug E. Fresh
Doug E. Fresh Talks at New York Music Month

(released 6/9/2023)

Doug E. Fresh made an appearance Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at the New York Music Month annual conference. He took the stage to briefly describe his co-founding of Hip Hop for Public Health and start spreading the word and outreach the website for  public consumption. There is a library of over 200 free videos to entertain and educate us on how to take better care of ourselves.

Doug E. Fresh "the human beatbox" aligned with Dr. Olajide Willams in 2006. Dr. Williams is a neurologist and health behavior change expert at Columbia University.  Harlem's own Doug E. Fresh commands an audience with Beatbox, signature dance moves and catchy rhymes.

Dr. Williams' experience in marginalized communities showed that literacy on health was not reaching the people who needed them the most. With the help of NIH funded programs Dr. William's proven interventions showed the reach of health literacy could be increased and the non-profit Hip Hop For Public Health was created.

Younger rappers have written in tribute to Fresh including "Teach Me How to Dougie" that launched the "Dougie" dance craze. Combining Fresh's ability to unify under rhythm, dance, rhymes and the Dr.'s understanding of the minds of the community, together they are constructing a new approach to health education.

Multisensory Multilevel Health Education Model, has been implemented to create original hip hop tracks and videos in collaboration with iconic artists that promote overall well-being and help combat toxic stress. These projects tackle topics from movement and nutrition to mindfulness, positive health practices, and more. The Learning Studio is where to begin. Click to find it here:

New York Music month is held annually in June to celebrate and elevate New York's Music Industry. The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment presents this month long offering.  Free studio space to rehearse, recording space to produce, educational panels and events to help talent succeed in the current industry climate are planned throughout the month.

To learn more about the New York Music Month of June events, follow through here:

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