Dani Bowman, 2022 awardee, at the Marvels of Media exhibit. Photo: Thanassi Karageorgiou
Dani Bowman, 2022 awardee, at the Marvels of Media exhibit. Photo: Thanassi Karageorgiou
Marvels of Media Awards at MoMI

(released 3/23/2023)

The 2nd annual Marvels of Media Awards is taking place Thursday, March 30 at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. This night is filled with a red carpet reception, a ribbon cutting to open a museum exhibit, and finally the awards ceremony. The opening of the Marvels of Media museum exhibit coincides with April being Autism Acceptance Month.

The Marvels of Media honors autistic media makers, from documentary filmmakers to animators to video game designers.

Marvels of Media is produced in collaboration with a committee of artists, spokespeople on the autism spectrum, and experts in the field of media including: arts administrator, consultant, and educator Miranda Lee; parent advocate Brian Canha; media artist Justin Canha; occupational therapist and author Lindsey Biel; writer/comedian Maylin Pavletic; filmmaker and playwright Jackson Mark Tucker-Meyer; film event producer, programmer, and accessibility consultant Yaara Kedem; co-founder of Spectrum Laboratory Jason Weissbrod; manager of curricula and instruction at The Knowledge House Jessye Herrell; work-based learning coordinator at Tech Kids Unlimited Halenur Komsul; New York Director of Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) Pat Schissel; visual storyteller and educator Paola Quintero, JD, MAAEd; Executive Director of Exceptional Minds, David Siegel; and Rosa Martínez, President and Founder of Strokes of Genius, Inc., an organization that promotes artists with autism.

The awards ceremony will be hosted by Jackson Tucker-Meyer, 2022 Marvels of Media Awardee. This event is free with an RSVP.  Go to the museum website to reserve your tickets.  www.movingimage.us

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