Queens World Film Festival Continues Online

(released 11/22/2022)

The 2022 virtual edition of the Queens World Film Festival streams November 20-December 4 on FilmFestivalFlix.com.

"Following this year's successful live, in-person event at five exciting venues in Queens, NY we are proud to once again partner with Film Festival Flix to bring the 12th annual QWFF Festival's stellar lineup of 122 films from 16 nations to a global audience via their virtual streaming platform. There are 16 films on the platform that you couldn't see at the live festival, including Amber - this year's Best Comedy Short winner." says Don Cato, Artistic Director QWFF

"This year's online schedule boasts a broad array of genres and titles, ranging from award-winning feature films like Nina Burstein's Charm Circle or Taimoor Chandry's Real Fur, this year's winner of the Queens World Social Justice Award to an entire carousel of delightful, animated fare from Germany, California, NYC and beyond. Or the Best of the Fest Short Films carousel that is filled with this year's festival winners," says Katha Cato, Executive Director QWFF.

This month, the Queens World Film Festival closed on November 6, the virtual edition of the 12th annual event picks up November 20 for a fifteen day online run that lasts until December 4. Just in time for the holiday weekend when you can snuggle in and for just $10 see an entire carousel of extraordinary short films or for $50 you can stream the entire festival on any device.

The online program will be readily available to stream via desktop, the Film Festival Flix app (with versions downloadable for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV set top boxes), mobile (both iOS and Android), and over 200 smart TV brands.

2022 Queens World Film Festival highlights

This year's Queens World Award Winners - check out Best of the Fest: Features ($10 per feature)  or Best of the Fest: Shorts ($10 for all 13 short films) and sample the incredible range of work at this year's live ($50 for all 122 films including Best of the Fest films)

Charm Circle - Winner of the Metropolis Special Jury Prize at DOC NYC, Nina Burstein's exceedingly intimate portrait of an idiosyncratic family (her own) casts a knowing gaze upon a baby boomer couple on the edge of losing their sanity and home in Queens when their youngest daughter announces her polyamorous wedding. Emotional and accomplished, especially as it weaves together decades-old home videos and contemporary footage, the film crafts a powerful family portrait that questions the value of the bonds that tie us together. Viewers won't be the least surprised that Burstein's feature-length debut is executive produced by Fred Armisen. (79 mins.)

Reel Furr Real Fur is an eye-opening undercover investigation about the true cost of the fur farming industry in Canada. It follows the journey of director Taimoor Choudhry as he transforms from being an uninformed consumer to a passionate activist through interviews with animal rights leaders, changemakers, lawyers, politicians, and celebrities in an effort to make real change. (85 mins.)

The Social Chameleon in the Carousel Make it Moooove! that contains 8 short animated films.  Cosmo the Chameleon doesn't fit in with the other animals. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't seem to find his place in the jungle. Then, everything changes when he meets another chameleon who shows him how to live by his own true colors. (10 mins.)

Stories of Healing - 7 films together that bring a healing message to the viewer. Empower yourself with films from Rockaway, Belgium, Germany, Canada and back to Jackson Heights. The entire Carousel is $10 or reserve your seat for the entire festival for only $50.

Festival passes can be purchased at https://filmfestivalflix.com/qwff/purchase-tickets/

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