DGA Assistant Director Program Accepting Apps

(released 11/7/2022)

DGA (Director's Guild of America) Assistant Director Training Program is now open to apply with a deadline of December 1, 2022. The two year program consist of 350 days of on the job training on DGA contracted productions and monthly seminars. AD Trainees will be working on Film, Television and Commercial productions in and around NYC vicinity under the supervision of Second Assistant Directors, First Assistant Directors and Unit Production Managers. Upon completion of required elements of the program graduates are qualified to join the DGA as Second Assistant Directors.

Assistant Directors are responsible for the assembly of all elements needed for filming and for the daily operation of the shooting set. The objective is to provide what ever the director needs to put the directors vision on film. Supervisory, organizational, administrative skills are all part of the work days. In production your schedule is determined by the production’s needs. Seven days a week, 24/7, long hours is a common practice in the business of production.

There is a weekly pay as a trainee with pay increases every six months. Trainees also receive full health care coverage during the two year program. A Trainee must understand that the film business in NY is not constant. Acceptance into the Program does not represent a guarantee of consecutive assignments. Trainees must be prepared to cope with periods of unemployment, like many people who work in the entertainment industry. When not assigned to a production, Trainees may need to supplement their income with short term employment. A Trainee may be required to stand for long periods of time, to run, to climb, and to lift and carry equipment.

To read more about the program and apply, go to the DGA website: https://dgatrainingprogram.org

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