Lincoln Center Hosts Outdoor Cinema @ Hearst Plaza

(released 5/29/2022)

Outdoor Cinema at Hearst Plaza will run July 13 - 31, as part of the offerings in Lincoln Center's Summer for the City running May 14 - August 14, 2022. This free-to-attend, no-ticket-needed, just-show-up screener will have popcorn and drinks, a gargantuan screen and seating on the spacious Hearst Plaza.

This three week outdoor cinema festival at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts will be first come first serve, with Quiet Event headphones passed out to attendees. Titles and schedule to be announced soon. Films will be projected in front of the under renovations David Geffen Hall.

"One of the most basic jobs of the arts is to help heal. This summer we will do exactly that, with moments to rejoice, reclaim, and remember within a city transformed," said Shanta Thake, Ehrenkranz Chief Artistic Officer of LCPA

This year's Summer in the City has three central themes:
Rejoice, Reclaim, Remember

For a full scope of this summer's events, go here:

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