Nitehawk Shorts Festival is March 2-6

(released 2/17/2022)

Nitehawk Shorts Festival will take place March 2-6, 2022 at both the Williamsburg and Prospect Park locations.  This year's festival will feature over 60 short films with filmmakers in attendance for Q and A's including many who are based in NYC.

The films will be grouped in 6 programs: Opening Nite, Music Driven, Midnite, Matinee, NoBudge, and Closing Nite.

Opening Nite and Closing Nite films will take place at the Prospect Park location with post screening parties hosted in the Trees Lounge bar. Music Driven, Midnite, Matinee, and the NoBudge programs will be at the Williamsburg location.

The Music Driven program will include music videos by directors Yann Gonzalez (Knife+Heart) and Alex Ross Perry (Her Smell). For the NoBudge program, filmmaker Kentucker Audley serves as co-programmer, highlighting works created with the most miniscule of budgets. The Midnite program serves the after-dark crowd with several tales of the horny.

The Matinee program highlights include two coming-of-age stories (Hello from Taiwan, AmeriGirl) and A Ship from Guantánamo, a documentary that looks at an artist working with limited resources while imprisoned. For Closing Nite, several personal stories set the tone including first time filmmaker Vicky Lee, who looks back at her young self for In Loving Memory (of Who We Used to Be) and Todd Karehana with Night Ride, exploring his relationship with his mother as he accompanies her on visits to stray cats.

Find a full program list here:

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