Ramis Daughter To Discuss Groundhog Day

(released 1/25/2022)

The next Classic Talk being held January 30, 2022 will be with Groundhog Day film director Harold Ramis's daughter Violet Ramis Stiel. On Sunday from 4-5:15p.m., you can join the online event to discuss the 1993 film that stars Bill Murray as the weatherman out to cover an annual emergence.

New Plaza Cinemas is a non-profit and your donations for the event are welcomed and tax deductible. Donate as little as one dollar or help offset cost by donating $15.00 per ticket.

Violet Ramis Stiel is the eldest of comedy legend Harold Ramis's children. Formerly a teacher and social worker, Violet is now a full time writer and disgruntled homemaker. She and her husband live in New York with blended six children. She is the author of "Ghostbuster's Daughter". In her writing, she reflects on the life and legacy of her father, providing a candid look into the man who helped shape American comedy.

You are encouraged to watch the film between today and the January 30th event. Register here to get the emailed link to the event on January 30, 2022. www.eventbrite.com

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