SOHO Film Festival Runs November 4-9

(released 11/3/2021)

The 2021 SOHO International Film Festival will be held November 4-9 both in-person and virtually. Five days of virtual screenings followed by an in-person awards gala. The festival can be viewed on Apple TV, Roku, on PC/Laptops and on mobile phones or tablets.

The festival will have animated, documentary, long form pilot, short form pilot, US feature films, US short films, and world feature and world short films on the schedule.

Some highlights:

Opening night films include a Q and A panel discussion with filmmakers.

Streaming industry panels will span financing and distribution to safety & responsibility on the set.

Hudson Falls is a long form pilot premiere about a small town that begins to unravel as the secrets of the town that revolve around an eccentric scientist begin to present and a private eye from the city takes on the mundane job in an effort to rekindle a relationship with his ex-wife.

The awards will be hosted by SOHO Film Forum and the red carpet event will be at the new Selina Rooftop in Chelsea.

For a full lineup, go to:

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