Susan Seidelman
Susan Seidelman
Smithereens Screening with Susan Seidelman

(released 9/28/2021)

Museum of the City of New York is hosting a screening of Smithereens with an in-person introduction with director Susan Seidelman. The screening event takes place on Thursday, September 30th.

Smithereens was the film that put Seidelman on the map. The film follows a young woman from New Jersey as she comes to New York City wanting to join the punk subculture.

Seidelman is also known for Desperately Seeking Susan, Sex in the City, and Boynton Beach Bereavement Club.

The screening is outdoors on a terrace.  Doors open at 6pm for a happy hour. Seidelman's intro is at 6:45 with the screening at 7.  Tickets are $15.

Go to the museum website to register for tickets.

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