Director/Actor Sean Penn and Actress Dylan Penn
Director/Actor Sean Penn and Actress Dylan Penn
Sean Penn & Dylan Penn Talk Flag Day

(released 8/22/2021)

Flag Day is the story of a daughter trying to find her self in a home life entangled with her father, one of the most notorious counterfeit artists in U.S history, John Vogel. Vogel has a gift for many things, including the ability to manipulate the truth. Vogel’s daughter Jennifer believes in the joy and adventure her father has shown her in life so far. Jennifer does not want to, but still sees his faults.

The film stars Sean Penn as John Vogel and Penn's real life daughter Dylan Penn as Jennifer Vogel. Sean also directed the film.

Sean told the audience, who attended the Saturday evening screening at AMC Lincoln Square 13 in Manhattan, how the role of John Vogel was cast with an actor who had circumstances take him off of the production. Sean had not planned to direct himself, but that is how the film came to fruition.

One audience member asked Sean about his choices to shoot on film instead of digital. Sean was clear about his choices and trust of film over digital, motion or still. He spoke of using both 16 mm and 8 mm in this feature.

The soundtrack was highly regarded by one audience member, to which many a fellow movie goers nodded or agreed in murmurs. He spoke in length of his use of music in the film and how collaborative his musical influencers were in the production. Sean's daughter Dylan also commented on her understanding of her father's stylistic choices. Sean acknowledged producers like Bob Horberg, pictured on the panel, being open and trusting of his choices, creating with music in the narrative.

Flag Day is now screening in select theaters including AMC Lincon Square on the Upper West Side as well as Angelika Film Center on Houston.

Below are a few pics from Saturday, August 21 along with a video of the Q&A that followed the screening.

Actress Dylan Penn

Director / Actor Sean Penn

Producer Bob Horberg

Sean Penn, Dylan Penn, Joe Neumaier, Bob Horberg

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