Braden King, Michael Shannon, Allison Estrin, Michael Trotter
Braden King, Michael Shannon, Allison Estrin, Michael Trotter
The Evening Hour at IFC with Director Braden King

(released 8/5/2021)

Filmmaker Braden King's narrative feature The Evening Hour, which is being distributed by Strand Releasing, is playing at IFC Center in Manhattan.

Director/Producer Braden King was at IFC Center for screenings this opening week. We caught the screening and Q&A on Tuesday night that had Casting Director Allison Estrin and Actor Michael Trotter from the film along with Kentucky-born Actor Michael Shannon moderating.

The Evening Hour is a story about a man in an Appalachian mine town working at a nursing home during the day while buying and selling oxys on the side. Like any drug trade, there are complications with local competition and with a small town, old friendships can get in the way.

I came from a small mine town in Pennsylvania and this film really captured some of what that life is like, albeit with a different accent than Kentucky's. The color grading of the film presents the perfect earthiness of this region. The cinematography is exceptional and shows off the landscape as an unspoken, always-present character.

The main character Cole Freeman, played by actor Philip Ettinger, tries to do right by all. He lives with and cares for his grandparents. His mother, played by Lili Taylor, does come around, but there is a veil of mystery in her character that's never really lifted. Ettinger's portrayal as a nursing aide captures the very real life in a nursing home.  From having a person fear a simple meal to unexplained fighting to an empty bed.

The Evening Hour is playing at IFC through August 12.  Here are some photos and a video from Tuesday's Q&A.

Director/Producer Braden King

Michael Shannon

Casting Director Allison Estrin and Actor Michael Trotter

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