Full house at Light Industry for screening of Goodbye, My Lady
Full house at Light Industry for screening of Goodbye, My Lady
Light Industry is Back with In-Person Screenings

(released 7/16/2021)

It's been a month since Light Industry opened back up for in-person screenings. On Tuesday, July 13th, Gina Telaroli guest curated with her personal 16mm film print of William Wellman's 1956 film Goodbye, My Lady.

The owners of Light Industry welcomed everyone and had a few words before the film. They brought up Gina and she followed with an introduction of the film.

Goodbye, My Lady stars Walter Brennan, Phil Harris, Brandon De Wilde, a young Sidney Poitier, and of course My Lady of the Congo. That's the dog's real name by the way.

This film is about a boy and his uncle living in the swamp. They find a critter that laughs and acts like a cat, which turns out to be a dog, a Basenji. The boy befriends the dog and takes him home. Eventually, he trains it to be a hunting dog, a birder to be specific. In the end, the boy does have to say goodbye to his lady.

At the conclusion when they turned up the lights, I did see a couple teary eyes amongst the audience. Prior to the film in an effort to make everyone feel better about this ending, our curator Gina informed us that the actual dog My Lady of the Congo was given to De Wilde. As an added touch to this screening experience, an audience member brought her pet Basenji (see pics below).

Light Industry is a small film and electronic art venue in Greenpoint. It is a non-profit that hosts screenings, performances, and lectures. It was created and is run by Thomas Beard and Ed Halter. Beard is also Programmer at Film at Lincoln Center and Halter is also a curator, writer and Bard College faculty member.

To see what they have up next, check out lightindustry.org. Light Industry is located at 155 Freeman Street in Brooklyn.

A Basenji

Ed Halter and Thomas Beard

Gina Telaroli

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