Art from the movie poster for Punk The Capital
Art from the movie poster for Punk The Capital
Punk The Capital Screening By New Plaza Cinema

(released 5/10/2021)

PUNK THE CAPITAL is being presented by New Plaza Cinema on May 14, 2021. PUNK THE CAPITAL: Building a Sound Movement, is a documentary about the rise of punk rock in Washington D.C. in the late 1970's.

The streaming event will be available May 14 at 12 am EDT and you will have 7 days to watch and once you begin 24 hours to finish watching.

The film features musicians Bad Brains, Henry Rollins, and Ian MacKaye among others. A multi-layered story for fans and non-fans alike to deep dive into the ideas and sounds of this transformative music that continues to influence culture and politics around the world.

Also featured are Jello Biafra, Slickee Boys, Void, Faith, Rites of Spring, Half Japanese, Black Market Baby, Tru Fax, SOA, The Enzymes, The Insaniacs, and many more.

To participate in the streamed film screening, follow more here:

New Plaza Cinema was created by Upper West Side community members to create a new venue for independent and documentary film when the Lincoln Plaza Cinema closed despite being a popular theater. To learn more about the New Plaza Cinema, check out their website:

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