Animation Nights NY screening (pre-pandemic)
Animation Nights NY screening (pre-pandemic)
Animation Night New York - Online Screening

(released 2/20/2021)

Animation Nights New York will be held Sunday, February 21, 2021 with Video On Demand available 11 am - 11 pm. A mixer event will commence from 3-5pm and 8-10 pm EST via webXR online.

Animation Nights New York is a monthly curated screening and annual festival held in NYC. Animated short films and virtual reality animation from around the world are exhibited.  The line up for February 21 includes the following and has a 62 minute running time:

    GOLDEN EGGS. Jessica Wu. Taiwan, 03:35.
    THE SPAGHETTI POLICE. Tim Wheatley. United Kingdom, 02:08.
    SMALL SPARK. Julie Rembauville. France, 03:07.
    THE HESITATOR. Katariin Mudist. Estonia, 04:32.
    LATE NIGHT. Kodai Yanagawa. Canada, 04:45.
    TEND. Tom Judd, Ed Barrett. United Kingdom, 08:16.


    DON'T FEED THESE ANIMALS. Guilherme Afonso, Miguel MadaiĀ­l de Freitas. Portugal, 10:00.
    WOOLLY. Oliver Crawford, Henry Willis. United Kingdom, 03:40.
    MAN'S BEST FRIEND FOREVER. Chris Plimmer. United Kingdom, 02:54.
    NIGGUN. Yonatan Salmon. Israel, 12:30.
    DRIP. Sean Ye. United States, 04:25.
    SHE NEVER FELT THE COLD. JD Gardner. United States, 01:41.

RSVP recommended for the participants that must be 18 years and older. To participate, go to This mixer is accessible via PC/MAC and Mobile. Films are on demand for one day only. Please RSVP as registration is limited and donations are appreciated.

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