Writers and Producers Talks Going Nowhere

(released 10/24/2007)

The WGA West and AMPTP met on Monday, October 22nd in Los Angeles at the WGA West Headquarters.

The WGA West and East had this to state, "We have no intention of discussing the producers' rollback proposals. Not now, not ever. The producers asked to take Tuesday off to caucus."

Both sides are meeting again Wednesday, October 24th.

AMPTP President Nick Counter had the following statement Monday:

"Don't confuse process with progress. While we actually met today for the first time in 5 days, the WGA leadership again failed to address the producer's proposals. The WGA leadership dismissed the withdrawal of the producer's recoupment proposal as insignificant despite their claim that this was a major impediment to reaching an agreement. The WGA leadership has yet to make any movement on its own or the producer's proposals.

Instead, they continue to pursue numerous financial proposals that would result in astronomical increases in our costs. Their proposals would also further restrict our ability to promote and market TV series and films, and prohibit us from experimenting with programming and business models in New Media.

Today's marketplace demands that we experiment, innovate and adapt to the transformative changes that confront us. Instead of working toward solutions that would give the industry the flexibility it needs to meet today's business challenges, the WGA continues to hold onto demands that would impose unreasonable restrictions and unjustified costs.

We continue to be committed to reaching a fair and reasonable agreement in order to keep the town working. We hope our efforts are not futile as there is too much at stake. A strike would be devastating to our industry and especially the livelihoods of those who depend on it."

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