Writers' Strike Authorized by Members

(released 10/20/2007)

On October 1st, the Writer's Guild of America sent out letters to members for an authorization to strike. The current talks between the WGA and the producers union (AMPTP) are in regards to the Minimum Basic Agreement contract that is set to expire October 31, 2007.

At stake are compensation and residuals for new media (internet broadcasting), Guild jurisdiction, and a proposed increase in the DVD formula. The WGA underestimated home video sales the last go around with the producers and don't want to make that same mistake with internet and mobile broadcasting.

Ballots have been tallied. According the WGA website, on Friday, October 19th, 5,507 votes had been cast with 90.3% authorizing a strike.

Negotiations with the AMPTP will resume Monday, October 22nd.

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