Jimmy Kimmel Live Morning and Night

(released 10/19/2007)

While host Regis Philbin is taking a week's vacation from his top-rated syndicated talk show "Live with Regis and Kelly," "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host Jimmy Kimmel is attempting to go where no talk show host has gone before. The week of October 22-26, 2007, the intrepid Kimmel is taking on a marathon bi-coastal hosting task - filling in beside Kelly Ripa each morning on "Live" in New York while continuing to host his eponymous late night show from Los Angeles.

Kimmel will begin his coast-to-coast hosting adventure on Sunday, October 21, as he departs Los Angeles for his first morning on "Live" on Monday, October 22. Ripa will journey back with him that night to Los Angeles to return the favor as a guest on that evening's edition of "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

For the rest of the week, Kimmel will jet back and forth until wrapping up the week of shows on Friday, October 26. Guests appearing with Kimmel and Ripa on "Live with Regis and Kelly" Oct. 22-26 include Renee Zellweger, Adrian Pasdar, Ashley Tisdale, Vanna White, Anderson Cooper, Steve Carell, Carrie Underwood, Kevin Bacon, Brian McKnight. On "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Kimmel will play host to Josh Hartnett, Brad Paisley, Mira Sorvino, Ben Harper, Interpol and the most recent cast-offs from "Dancing with the Stars."

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