Penny Lane and Christian Blauvelt
Penny Lane and Christian Blauvelt
IDA Screened Hail Satan? at Cinema Village

(released 11/21/2019)

The International Documentary Association holds screenings for their members and the public at different times of the year in New York and Los Angeles.  The New York fall season concluded this week with a screening of "Hail Satan?" on Monday, November 18th at Cinema Village East.

The Director Penny Lane was on hand for a Q&A with moderator Christian Blauvelt following the film.  The film documents the quick rise of The Satanic Temple in the United States and abroad.  It shows that their soul purpose is not as much worshipping a divinity as it is to make sure there isn't a preference to any religion made by the government.

There were actual members of the New York City temple in the audience.  No one was hurt and no protesters were outside.

After watching the film, I still have a burning question.  Is it real or are they just trying to get your goat?  You have to watch the film to find out, but you still might not know.

The film is being distributed by Magnolia Pictures.  See the trailer below.

Penny Lane

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