Harley Prosper Doc Screening with Cinematographer

(released 9/20/2019)

Cinematographer Juan Manuel Sepulveda will attend and be in conversation following a screening of his most recent feature, The Still Life of Harley Prosper. The Cree Nation of Native Americans, people from the plains is where the film finds Harley.  Sepulveda follows with camera, Harley a dying man, a self-proclaimed medicine man to his community, coming to terms with his mortality.

The evening of September 22 from 7:30p.m. - 10:30p.m. at Union Docs is when the Latin Film Reel will co-present the screening and conversation that follows.

Latin Reel is a year round film series aimed at creating cross cultural discussion throughout New York City. The mission is to present films made by or about the Latin-American community. Programming for the series includes narratives, documentaries, and short film screenings at selected venues in the city. Deep interest in presenting films that highlight impactful perspectives and giving voice to filmmakers who break stereotypes and initiate awareness through their storytelling is what Latin Reel is about.

Union Docs is located at 322 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, 11211.

Find out more about the filmmakers and get tickets here: uniondocs.org

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