Sparrow Film Project Gala & Winners 2018

(released 12/16/2018)

The Sparrow Film Project 2018 marked the tenth anniversary of three minute films being made in three weeks.  Screenings of all the completed entries (64 this year - check them out on YouTube) took place December 1 at the Museum of Moving Image.  On December 2, the neighborhood gathered for a day of bar crawling screening blocks at multiple venues.  Finally, a gala was held December 6 to screen the nominated films and present awards to the standout productions at the Museum of Moving Image in their Redstone Theater.  The after party took place at The Bonnie following the awards show.

This year's Sparrow Film Project was produced by Founder and Chief Creative Officer Evangelos Roumeliotis, Artistic Director Michael Freeland, and Technical Director Sal Milazzo.  Adam Bagy was back for his tenth straight year as host of the awards show.  Bagy, a natural of comedic timing and topical humor, also played piano and sang the history of the ten year festivities.  Michelle Amara Micca dazzled in her expressive and playful presentation of the sparrow trophies to winners. The Subtonics played award winners on and off the stage as they were actualized and had the audience on their feet dancing in celebration of the evening.

For the 10th anniversary The Sparrow Film Project made a creative partnership with a production studio and record label in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The artist-owned music and audio production company created a 100 song library for filmmakers to use in this year's challenge composed of eccentric selections, modern ambient soundscapes, grungy rock, dramatic electronic trance, blockbuster orchestral pieces, and east coast hip hop.  Lea Wülferth with YouTooCanWoo participated in the awards this year as part of the partnership to present the award for Best Use of Story.

The judges for the Sparrow 2018 were:

Ethan Anderson
Noah Fleiss
James Fryman
Oren Sarch
Eric Trenkamp

The Sparrow Film Project 2018 Award winners are:

Best Supporting Actor
David Whitman as Charlie in "Maybe Tomorrow"

Best Costume Make-up
Ava Vitalli for "Sealed with a Kiss"

Best Screenplay
Montgomery Sutton & Laura Pickley for "Between the Lines"

Best Sound Design Mix
Spencer Morin for “The Altar"

Best Supporting Actress
Kathryn Metzger as Nurse in "Time Space Speculum"

Best Visual Effects *new award this year*
Danny J Clark for "Oras (Time)"

Best Editing
Spencer Morin for "The Alter"

Best Production Design
Michelle Meged for "Lightweight"

Best Actor
John Warren as Him in "HERE"

Best Cinematography
Brentan Henry for "Grand Scheme"

Best Director
dL Sams for "Prime Matter"

You Too Can Woo presents:
Best Use of Score
Zig Payton for the film "HERE"

Best Actress
Jaquline Keely -Jess in "Dumplings"

Fan Favorite Nicci Carnaggio Audience Award 5000
"OH Deer"

All the above films were awarded with a Sparrow Film Trophy and a one hundred dollar gift card to B&H.  The Best Film was HERE and the winner of a one thousand dollar prize.

To keep in touch and participate in next year's Sparrow Film Project bookmark:

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