Late Show with Colbert Announces First Week Guests

(released 8/25/2015)

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will debut on CBS September 8, 2015 at 11:35p.m. ET. CBS released several statements regarding the show that included the announcement of Head Writers, the return and promotion of "The Colbert Report" production members, the musical direction from the Late Show with David Letterman music producer Sheryl Zelikson, and who to look for to be the first week's guests on the show.

Colbert was part of "The Colbert Report" team that was honored with Emmy and Peabody Awards. Colbert will further the team in the next venture with CBS.

Here is a glimpse of the team:

Tom Purcell is Executive Producer and Writer.  Meredith Bennett is evolving from Co-Executive Producer to Executive Producer. Emily Lazar and Barry Julien will be Co-Executive Producers. Head Writer Opus Moreschi will add Supervising Producer to his title and work along with Jay Katsir who has been promoted to Head Writer. Matt Lappin and Paul Dinello are Supervising Producers/Writers. Directing The Late Show is Jim Hoskinson.  Tanya Bracco will be Supervising Producer and Executive-in-Charge. Joining the team from Good Morning America is Emily Gertler as Senior Entertainment Producer and the Musical Producer from the Late Show with David Letterman is Sheryl Zelikson.

The first night, George Clooney will be the guest as well as presidental candidate Jeb Bush, with musical performances by band leader Jon Batiste and Stay Human with special guests.  In addition to movie star Scarlett Johansson, musicians Toby Keith and Kendrick Lamar will appear during the first week.  Also, the Late Show line-up adds start-ups to the conversation. CEO Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla Motors will appear as well as Uber CEO Travis Kalancik.  Comedians Amy Schumer and Author Stephen King also appear on the debut week schedule.

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