History Will Reflect George Carlin's Way

(released 10/23/2014)

George Carlin Way was dedicated October 22, 2014 around the 1 o'clock hour. The overcast skies were brightened by the presence of comedians that trickled in and out of the ceremonial gathering. Robert Klein, Gilbert Godfried, Eddie Brill, Colin Quinn, Judah Friedlander, Rain Pryor, Jim Norton, to name drop a few who showed up to support the legendary Carlin getting his way in history.

The corner of 121st and Morningside Drive is where family, friends and fans of Carlin stood by as the press documented the street's new name. The unveiling represented a Native New yorker, street smart Irish kid turned Comedian, that spoke honestly about his feelings on religion and government. Carlin's thoughts led a conversation we are still having today six years after Carlin's passing.

Below is a video of Comedian Colin Quinn speaking at the dedication and you can view pictures from the ceremony in our PhotoSeen.

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