11th Sparrow Film Project Planning Gala

(released 4/30/2014)

front of the Sparrow Tavern

The Sparrow Film Project is getting ready for the 11th round of its now bi-annual event. Filmmakers, musicians, actors, writers, and the creatively motivated were invited publicly to show up and collaborate.

On April 6, 2014, teams of all skill levels received an antiquated law to incorporate into their storytelling while keeping the final product at 3 minutes or under. Teams had 3 weeks to write, shoot and edit.  There were over 60 teams participating and 37 entries made the deadline submission.

This was the first year that the option to "dropbox" your submissions was available. The additional technology opened up the reach of the project. The word "international" was said aloud by Sparrow Tavern owner Evan Roumeliotis while smiling, yet absorbing the scale of the project's exponential growth. Fellow Sparrow Film Project committee member Mary Anne Benedetto confirmed the Dropbox submission reached filmmakers from Texas and London.  Also serving on the committee, Rudy Mungaray described how the project started in the Sparrow Tavern growing to the point that viewers had to watch from outside.  The screenings and award show now take place at The Museum of Moving Image.

The film submissions are currently before a third party panel of judges for viewing. Follow www.sparrowfilmproject.com for the soon to be announced gala date and details.

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