Director, Cast, and Producers of Freshly Cut Grass
Director, Cast, and Producers of Freshly Cut Grass
Tribeca: The Freshly Cut Grass Premiere

(released 6/12/2024)

The Freshly Cut Grass is a feature film that premiered at Tribeca Festival on Saturday, June 8, 2024. The film is of two academics in the middle of life and longing for something and someone else. Natalia (Marina de Tavira) is a geology professor who is looking for relief from middle age doldrums and has an intense longing for a grad student Gonzalo (Emanual Parga). An additional narrative in the film is academic Pablo (Joaquin Furriel) who begins an affair with student Luciana (Veronica Gerez).

Both characters in this twin narrative long for connection and a disconnect from their silent and passive aggressive marriages. Coming to terms with their own fears, gender expectations and secrets while carrying on affairs creates a  powerful climax for each in this frank adult drama.

The film is presented by Martin Scorcese and will have two additional screenings at the festival: Thursday, June 13th at 3pm at the AMC 19th Street East 6 and Friday, June 14th at 3:15pm at the Village East by Angelika. You can find links for your seat at these upcoming screenings here:

Here are some pictures from the premiere.

Joaquín Furriel

Marina de Tavira

Celina Murga

Romina Peluffo

Valeria Bistagnino

Tomás Eloy Muñoz

Delfina Montecchia

Germán Ormaechea

Pedro Barcia

Fidela Navarro

Marina de Tavira, Joaquín Furriel

Pedro Barcia, Romina Peluffo, Juan José López

Cindy Teperman, Axel Kuschevatzky, Delfina Montecchia

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