Speed Racer Screening with VO Actor Corinne Orr

(released 6/10/2024)

Japan Society has a special screening of Speed Racer: The Movie with Corinne Orr on June 21, 2024 at 6pm. Co-presented with Shout! Studios and Anime NYC, the evening will be followed by a Q&A with Speed Racer voice actress Corinne Orr. The 35mm print presentation is courtesy of the Chicago Film Society. The 1992, 80 min, color, English dub links together multiple episodes from the iconic Americanized version of the 1960's anime.

Speed Racer was an early example of successful Japanese animation in the United States. The Speed Racer was notable for its rapid-fire, fast paced dialogue and was meant to match the quick lip movements of anime. New York-based dubbing studio Titra Studios produced the voice work and featured the vocal talents of Corinne Orr (Trixie, Sprite, Mom) and Peter Fernandez who voiced Speed Racer. Fernandez also served as the series co-writer and voice director.

Struck from the original Japanese 35mm masters and interspersed with ad breaks filled with period commercials, this theatrical re-release selects two of the show's most absurd adventures: The Car Hater and The Race Against the Mammoth Car. Competing in auto races across the world, Speed, Trixie and the gang go head-to-head with an embittered man on horseback who forbids his daughter from driving and a massive segmented car in the No-Limits World Race—aided, of course, by the powerful Mach 5, the "most fabulous car ever driven."

The evening is in celebration of Speed Racer newly on to U.S. digital platforms in both English and Japanese from Shout! Studios. Commemorative posters will be provided to all attendees. Corine Orr will introduce Speed Racer:The Movie, host a Q&A following the screening, and conduct a paid autograph session at the conclusion of the event.

For more details and a link to buy your tickets can be found here: https://japansociety.org

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