Art from Shawn Antoine II's Kingdome
Art from Shawn Antoine II's Kingdome
Harlem Intl Film Festival Runs Through Weekend

(released 5/15/2024)

The Harlem International Film Festival is celebrating its 19th Anniversary and will be taking place May 16-19, 2024. This is four days of free to the public films presented by the Columbia University's Zuckerman Institute. Events include a screenplay showdown, panel discussions and The Harlem Spotlight Award. The festival will be located at 605 W 125th Street, NY, NY 10027.

Opening Premieres will begin at 3pm when doors open. The films will be screening from 3:30pm-5:25pm. The premieres are KANKAN RI The Film Cotton Tree, by Gabri Christa and the film YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT HERE written and directed by Nana Ghana. Both filmmakers will be present for a Q and A following the screenings. After the premiere films, Uptown Shorts will screen starting at 6:30pm. Q and A with the directors will follow and conclude the events at 8:30pm.

The schedule continues for three more days of free films with the exception of one screening Friday night at 6:30 pm, ILLEANA'S SMILE LA SONRISA DE ILEANA for a general admission ticket of $17.85. The Friday night event opens the doors from 6-6:30pm and then at 6:30pm live music begins with Brad Corrigan (of Dispatch), Paul Beaubrun & Reinaldo Dejesus. The film Ileana's Smile will screen from 7-8:04pm and then from 8:05-8:30pm a Q and A with Brad Corrigan and featured guests.

The festival concludes on Sunday with a Harlem Ballin theme. On May 19th from 3-5:30pm, screenings of KINGDOME, TAKING YOUR BEST SHOT, and FIREFLY THE TAY FISHER STORY will happen and be followed by a Q and A with the directors of these three basketball films. This is also a free screening event.

To look at the festival's schedule and secure your tickets, follow this link:

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