Free Submission to nukhufest Thru End of Year

(released 12/27/2023)

nukhufest is accepting submissions free of charge until the end of the year, so act fast.  The festival is hosted by the nukhu streaming platform.

nukhu works differently than other streamers.  The content is curated by the very content creaters themselves.  Also, viewers watch ads and earn money that is spendable on movies, what they call nuvees on their system.  So, content creators can earn money on the platform and give back to fellow creators at the same time by being viewer as well.

Back to nukhufest, the festival is taking submissions through August 31, 2024, but again, it's free until the end of December 2023. Top 10 finalists will be curated by members by September 7 and the winner will be announced September 21. That winner will be awarded a $3000 development-to-distribution grant.

The 2023 nukhufest Development to Distribution Grant Winner, also $3000, was awarded to Zoe Milenkovic for her film January. Milenkovic is a student at AFI in Los Angeles.

The Fall 2023 Nuvee Starter Fund Grant, which was $500, was granted to Stephanie Ibarra for her project Todo El Tiempo En El Mundo. Ibarra is a Bed-Stuy based filmmaker.

You can learn more about the nukhu platform at and enter your film submission at

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