Still from The Kid Brother
Still from The Kid Brother
Silent Clowns Screening The Kid Brother on May 17

(released 5/4/2023)

The Silent Clowns Film Series is happening in Cobble Hill Cinemas, Brooklyn on Wednesday, May 17, 2023. They are sharing Harold Lloyd in "The Kid Brother" (1927).

Known as the "third genius" of silent comedy, Harold Lloyd was always first at the box office. THE KID BROTHER (1927) was Lloyd's penultimate silent film, and while not as well-known as SAFETY LAST (1923) or THE FRESHMAN (1925), it's one of his greatest films. Harold matches the lyrical with slapstick in a rural coming-of-age story. Plus they will screen a selected short subject.

At the time of publishing, the link to buy tickets is not available, but here it is when it does.

Below is an excerpt from the Silent Clowns Film Series. Ben Model plays accompaniment to Charlie Chaplin's His New Job. This took place November 12, 2022. Enjoy now and hopefully more on the 17th.

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