Kyra Sedgwick
Kyra Sedgwick
Kyra Sedgwick Talks Space Oddity at Village East

(released 4/2/2023)

Kyra Sedgwick has directed a rom-com feature film that captures a younger generation's perspective well. Space Oddity tells the story of Alex who will be going to Mars. His family's flower farm is seeing changes and he does not see himself as part of the flower business. He is training for a one way trip to MARS that he believes is his purposeful path. His family thinks he is losing his sanity. Alex and his family are forced to question themselves, each other, all while finding love in Daisy.

Sedgwick directed the screenplay written by Rebecca Banner. Starring in the film were Kyle Allen, Alexandra Shipp, Madeline Brewer, Simon Helberg, Kevin Bacon, and Carrie Preston.

Kyra Sedgwick was present at the Village East by Angelika for a Q&A following the Friday evening screening, March 31st, the movie's release day. Kyra talked about picking the flower farm in Rhode Island to film on location, choosing and directing the cast, and even using her son Travis scoring the film.

You can watch the Q&A here to learn more about the process and choices she made while directing the film.

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