James Caan - The Godfather
James Caan - The Godfather
4th Caan Film Festival Runs Sept 16 - Oct 9

(released 8/29/2022)

"Tell Carlo he's a dead man." It's time for the 4th (nearly annual) Caan Film Festival. The September edition will be held Friday, September 16 - Sunday, October 9th at the Museum of Moving Image. James Caan's hometown is Sunnyside, Queens, which is less than a mile from the Museum of Moving Image, located in Astoria.

The series of films in the festival will bring together more than a dozen films spanning his many years of filmmaking. This September edition will celebrate the life, career, and legacy of the legendary James Caan. Sadly, Caan passed away earlier this year.

To see a full list of films in the series and reserve your seats go here: movingimage.us

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